Norman-Spencer Real Estate is proud to provide you with industry leading Real Estate Errors and Omissions insurance coverage. When our producers submit the General Star Application, they could receive up to 30% in additional credits. When a submission occurs on a different application, many of those credits are not available. Luckily, if you can provide answers that you meet the qualifications upfront, we may be able to offer those credits immediately:

*Risk reduction seminars can include things like webinars, franchisor presentations
Credits are cumulative up to 30%


The last credit is frequently overlooked, and it is one that most producers miss out on. The majority of carriers ask how often home warranties are purchased or sold, but we ask about how often they are offered. Almost all firms will qualify for this credit if asked how often a home warranty is offered. Most producers are still in a mindset of asking the percentage sold, and they tend to leave out the “offered” percentage. A majority of the real estate firms we write use standard contracts 100% of the time. Those contracts almost always contain a section that asks if a home warranty wants to be purchased or sold. We would consider that an offer.

If you can retrieve all of the aforementioned information upfront from a broker, we will be able to give you the best, most accurate quote possible with a quick turnaround.