July, 2013

Consequences of boating under the influence

States are taking a tougher stance on drinking while boating.

Several areas of the country are experiencing unprecedented heat waves this summer, making conditions ideal for many people to spend their days on the water, boating, skiing and swimming.

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'Pocket listings' face scrutiny in real estate industry

Pocket listings have received a great deal of scrutiny as of late.

In the wake of the housing market collapse, real estate agents, brokers and lenders came under a great deal of scrutiny and experienced a significant rise in the number of errors and omissions insurance claims brought against them.

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OSHA to launch crane safety program

OSHA plans to unveil a new safety program in the Northwest states.

Each year, hundreds of construction workers are injured by crane-related accidents, resulting in severe and debilitating injuries, fatalities, construction insurance claims and lost revenue due to project delays.